The Team

Frédéric Vandenelsken

The Team

To implement this way of cooking seas and oceans, Alain Ducasse confided the helm of his restaurant to a talented crew

Chef Hiroyuki Kanazawa steers the helm.

It is during his formation that this young Japanese chef develops a passion for French gastronomy. In 2009, he moves to France and perfects his knowledge in several gastronomic restaurants, always located near the coast. Three years later, he sets in Paris and became chef de partie in the restaurant Diane at the Fouquet’s. Then in 2014, he joins the kitchens of Lucas Carlton, a Parisian institution, where he quickly became sous-chef of Julien Dumas. In 2019, Hiroyuki joins the ranks of Ducasse Paris and is appointed as Chef at the restaurant Rech, where he will share his expertise in the art of preparing seafood products.

Frédéric Vandenelsken  welcomes the guests... in the room, he feels like a fish in the water. 

Arthur Chabidon , the sommelier, takes care of the wine cellar.

Malek Djabali is the oyster seller of Rech since 30 years. He prepares the best shellfish plates in Paris. The superb oyster bench outside of the restaurant is a delight for all the gourmets, and Malek Djabali prepares your own plate of shellfish according to your desires.

  • It's springtime, from April to May, our chef honors the arrival of the crisp and delicate early vegetables. Harvested very young, they have a softer...
  • Lunch Menu
    Inspired and creative, the Rech menu changes with the tides and the seasons.From 36 €, starter/main course or main course/dessert, the lunch menu...
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62 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris

TEL: + 33 1 45 72 29 47


Open from Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch 12 pm - 2 pm
Dinner 7.30 pm - 10 pm