Love of the seafood

Love of the seafood

Love of the seafood

" To love the fish, that’s to respect its personality by giving it an adapted cooking to reveal all the subtleties of the flavors." Alain Ducasse

A sustainable fishing
Gilles Jégo is fishmonger in Etel - in the Morbihan - France - and the preferred supplier of Rech.  He reserves his most beautiful pieces of fishes to the restaurant: "The selection of fish depends on what the sea offers from day to day".

The sea protection is a priority for Gilles Jégo and his fishing is responsible : "Sea is a place of discipline and freedom” he says, quoting Victor Hugo.
Fishes that are served at Rech are exclusively caught by small boats: the boats are fishing for never more than 3 hours, as the fishes are still alive when they’re sold at the auction, and then arrive few hours later in the kitchen of the Rech.

We love fish at restaurant Rech
A seasonal fishing
Fishing has seasons and our fishmonger scrupulously respects the rhythm of the nature. The fish served at Rech depends on arrivals. During the fall, we serve the sea bass, gilthead sea bream, oysters and prawns. During the winter come the Pollack, the sole flounder and sea bream gray.

During the spring you could taste a turbot, black sloth mullet or Breton lobster. Finally during the summer come the mackerel and mullet. Gilles Jégo talks about industrial fishing quite hardly : "With overfishing and mindless behavior, man destroyed a machine that worked well. We have now to adopt reasonable fishing to maintain this delicate balance."

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